Dr. Philip H. Wainwright
Founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer,
SpartaMatrix, Inc.

Philip Wainwright is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of SpartaMatrix, Inc., a company he founded in 2001. Dr. Wainwright manages all operational functions at SpartaMatrix—from product development and marketing, to global sales and service.
Recognized as a vigorous, persuasive and technologically ground-breaking leader, Dr. Wainwright’s vision and business acumen have made him one of the most influential experts in the global security solutions industry.

Dr. Wainwright’s blue-chip credentials include 30 years of corporate leadership in senior management positions with major global end user and purveyor organizations, including financial institutions, with emphasis on profitability based on Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Asset Security and Cryptographic Management, and Project Systems Financing. He brings to SpartaMatrix extensive experience in delivering major security infrastructure projects, as well as intermodal supply chain security technologies and their associated global regulatory requirements.

His international financial management career was well- founded by his years of employment in the Accounting and Business Analysis divisions at the corporate headquarters of the E. I. DuPont de Nemours Company in Wilmington, Delaware.
Dr. Wainwright’s notable early career accomplishments include positions as a Trust officer for one of the largest commercial bank and trusts in the USA, a legal education while serving in the United States Naval Reserve, legislative draftsman and coordinator for the District Attorneys General’s office, U.S. congressional staff member and the NASD Series 7 license to conduct the full range of securities transactions. For several years, Dr. Wainwright has also been at the cutting edge of America's health care facilities development for government aged care and private sector senior assisted living.

He has served on the Tennessee State Attorney General’s Codification Committee, as an international legal advisor to the Swiss Investors Protection Association, as a confidential policy advisor to the General Secretariat of OPEC, and as an expert civil and criminal trial witness on international banking and international financial instruments.
Having lived and worked for over 20 years in the Asia Pacific region, Dr. Wainwright has acquired a strong political awareness and an exceptional grasp of the cultural and economic matters affecting successful business in that region. He has considerable experience managing multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-disciplined teams that are geographically dispersed.
Dr. Wainwright holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Wake Forest University, as well as doctoral degrees from London International Law (Juris Doctorate) and London Economics (PhD). He is fluent in both French and German.



Stefan Dreyer van Rooyen
Executive Committee Deputy Chairman
Chief Research Officer
Director of Asian Business Development

Education:  University of Pretoria B.A., B.D. (cum laude);  B.A. Hons. (Philosophy)  (cum laude) M.A. in Philosophy (cum laude); DAAD (German Exchange Scholar) Post graduate  studies at the Universities of Tuebingen and Bonn specializing in Market Behavior & Human Sciences; Graduate School of Business Administration in  Zurich,  Switzerland.
In addition to his outstanding international academic achievements Mr. van Rooyen provides hands-on expertise and extensive experience in:

  • Commercial Marketing and Research Advisory in Switzerland and Germany.
  • Wide-ranging Investment Research Analysis for European Financial Institutions
    • Telis-Finanz and
    • Orga Credit.
  • Comprehensive Corporate System Research and Governance Analysis in EU markets with specialization for IT /high tech systems (hardware and software) companies.
  • Broad experience in the time sensitive open market and on-line programmed trading of  securities and Forex on behalf of private investors.
  • Professional Network of South Africa and Europe  investment banking connections.
  • High net worth investors' securities trading expert.
  • Multi-cultural / linguistic and financial consultant in the Republic of Korea (near Seoul) specializing in business development for SpartaMatrix.

Mr. van Rooyen is highly proficient at providing critical technical applications research for all the five operating division of SpartaMatrix parent as well as senior advisory services to  our global strategic alliance partner technological network



Regis W. Schultis, Jr.
Chief Financial Officer
Regis W. Schultis has spent 40 years in the investment business.
After eight years in the chemical industry in market research and new product market development positions, he joined Smith Barney & Co. in 1967 as senior chemical industry securities analyst and later was a member of the firm’s Investment Policy Committee.
After 10 years at Smith Barney, Mr. Schultis spent 10 years with Citicorp's Investment Management subsidiary leading groups of analysts covering basic industries and foreign stocks, as well as sitting on the firm’s Equity Strategy and Investment Policy committees.

At Citicorp, he was also involved in the management of two large portfolios of mid-Eastern clients. He was particularly active in developing quantitative valuation methods both for stocks and for industry stock groups. Subsequently, Mr. Schultis spent 5 years at J. P. Morgan Securities as a research group head and as Director of Equity Research and stock market strategist (1990-1992).
For many years, Mr. Schultis was nationally recognized as a leading chemical industry equity analyst by, among others, Institutional Investor magazine.



John Andersen
Chief Operations Officer

John Andersen is a retired private practice lawyer, with extensive experience in costs assessment, mining and infrastructure law.
John is currently Co-President of the Parents of Bond at Bond University. In addition, he is involved with a humanitarian organization seeking to ease the burden on underprivileged families in third world countries.



Dana Steinheimer
Chief Technology Officer, Executive Board Member

US Army Echelon Level Computer Systems Technician, 1971 - 1973 (and extended reserve); Previous Employment Experience: USAID Special Electronic Development, International operations 1973-1993; World Bank Technology Development Projects Nepal/Romania/Egypt; Department Head - San Jacinto College.

Personal Projects and notable research fields: Robotics 1978-present, developed first fully autonomous AI robot capable of full human speech interaction ("hearing", processing/interacting, answering human speech) 1988/89; Disneyworld robotics; Speech Recognition Technology (Dev/Consultant, Apple/IBM) 1992-95; UNIX Development, 1984-present; Linux/Open Source Development; 1994-present; Computer Security Consultant and IT Business owner, 1989-present. With his diverse science/engineering and electronic skills, Dana is also a renowned "fixer/troubleshooter", able to locate faults and streamline R/D and production design "at a glance", in abstract, virtual or applied systems from planning to production.



.Lauren Wainwright
Executive Vice President, interim
Lauren Wainwright brings over 14 years of technical, critical thinking, project planning, system administration, and research and forensics experience to the role of Executive Vice President of SpartaMatrix. In this position, Ms. Wainwright heads the organization’s overall business development efforts, focusing on the creation and expansion of key global private and public sector alliances. Her focus is to grow revenue and deliver profitability for the company while providing the most innovative industry technologies and business models to SpartaMatrix’s customers.

Prior to joining SpartaMatrix, Ms. Wainwright gained extensive technical and management experience at EDS, BTI, Progress Energy and Metamora. While serving in a variety of Information Technology roles at these companies, she acquired practical experience in the areas of technical support/troubleshooting, product support processes/best practices, quality assurance/testing, cross-functional project team coordination, field team management, desktop publishing/online collateral/Web development, documentation creation/management/reporting, and project management.