From its Technology Development offices in Durham during a briefing with Matrix technologies CEO James Ladd, SpartaMatrix Inc USA Chairman Philip H.Wainwright announced that final approvals had been obtained for the master plan of its MLC Project in Croatia. The United States Department of Commerce was instrumental in providing expertise for the realization of this project.
Background and final details of this megaproject have now been released by The SpartaMatrix North Carolina Headquarters; SpartaMatrixâ„¢ is developing the 157 hectare (387 acres) Greenfield MLC Logistics Service Centre (Dry Port, Rail-port, Co-gen Energy Producer) serving the Adriatic Deepwater Maritime Ports of Rijeka, Pula and Koper (Slovenia), Trieste (Italy) and Two Croatian International Passenger & Cargo Airports (Krk International and Pula). See

Sparta Matrix Inc, private corporation, founded in 2003, is an accredited Global Leader in: a.) Infrastructure Development and Systems Integration of IT Logistics (supply chain) and Transport Engineering Systems; b.) Port Modernization and Green Compliance; c.) Advanced telecommunication integrators Supply Chain IP Satellite Network Technology; d.) Embedded Artificial Intelligence & Encryption Algorithms. Systems have been implemented in Singapore and other Global Markets. Over 2.5 billion USD in Infrastructure Projects in current Pipeline with (54 Strategic Alliances) of Civil, Military and Aerospace contractors.

General Description:

Multimodal Logistics Service Center (MLC) which supports: Four Existing Major Mediterranean Maritime Ports: Croatia: Rijeka, Pula; Italy: Trieste-Magara; Slovenia: Koper; and Two International Gateway Airports for Croatia: Rijeka (on Krk Island) and
Pula (on Istria Peninsula); One Trans-European Rail System: (Commercial Service Area: within one day drive to approximately 500 million in population).

Project Focus will be Regional Energy & Infrastructure Gateway Transport Project providing tenants centralized operations for Banking, Finance, Food and Fuel Entire complex will be smart-wired and by a state of the art mega-Processor/Server and Visualization Command Center for Monitoring Global Logistics and provides the region and this project with a comprehensive smart system of data tools for tracking of utilities: energy/ electricity, waste, water, e-commerce, purchasing, carbon footprint and other sustainability modalities. Service Alliance Partners (equity providers and end-users) are the municipalities of Rijeka, Matulji, Opatija and Klana.

Construction of Facilities will begin in July 2011 and will take three years to complete.

1. 1,500,000 Square Feet of Climate Controlled Warehouse and Distribution Hub services all of Central and Eastern Europe as well as all former South and Eastern Bloc States. Food and Fuel Processing Facilities + 100,000 Sq. Ft. Bonded Warehouse;

2. 20,000 Sq. Ft. Cryogenic De-flashing Service & Treatment Center. (20 cryogenic-processors) serviced by on-site logistics ;

3. 30,000 Sq. Ft. Industrial Liquid Gas Production Plant;

4. 180 MW Developing a Privately Owned Co-Generation (Primary Gas) Complex; all MW’s are pre-sold to EU grid with project permits available for another 500MW;

5. Multimodal Transport Service Depot (rail, truck/lorry, air, sea); directly on Trans-Europe Corridor for both rail & trucked Containers;

6. Free Trade Zone (EXIM goods, ecommerce invoicing & banking, gaming, manufacturing and professional trade & education training centers);

7. Commercial Bank in active Acquisition negotiation;

8. 200,000 Sq Ft. mini-expo Center, including Enterprise Outsourcing Zone: focused on Outsourced Services owned and operated by MLC Services on behalf of Overseas Alliance Partners;

9. International Trade Development & Trade Finance Bank to service Tenants;

10. 280 key 3 Star Business Hotel;

11. Regional commercial convention centre inter-connected with mini-expo facilities;

12. Technical Trade School; Tertiary Education English Speaking University for Multi-Academic Disciplines and certified professional training programs;

13. Independent (Project Owned Cooperative) Green-Energy Distribution System; with permits for developing another 500 MW in Europe. NOTE : PPA’s available in 2011.

14. Bulk Break Commodities Capacity and Packaging Services in the Mediterranean region.

15. Agricultural Exchange for horticulture and forestry: wool, water, food, beverage, health and cosmetics.