Amityville, New York, United States of America ( May 24, 2011 --
SpartaMatrix Inc Technology Laboratory located in Singapore today announced that it had completed developed its next generation of its proprietary Cargo surveillance known as AV 5. Since 2007 SpartaMatrix has been developing specialized non-invasive electronic monitoring devices and systems for its private clients who needed additional controls for tracking their cargo on worldwide basis.

The AV5 system is driven by a GPS Tracking Devices and on board a sensor which surveys the cargo will in transit and reports as required for compliance and analysis.


Sparta Matrix Inc, private corporation, founded in 2003, is an accredited Global Leader in: a.) Infrastructure Development and Systems Integration of IT Logistics (supply chain) and Transport Engineering Systems; b.) Port Modernization and Green Compliance; c.) Advanced telecommunication integrators Supply Chain IP Satellite Network Technology; d.) Embedded Artificial Intelligence & Encryption Algorithms. Systems have been implemented in Singapore and other Global Markets. SpartaMatrix Global Operations are currently spearheading Infrastructure Projects in with their 54 Multi-national Strategic Alliances and Civil, Military and Aerospace contractors.